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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
7:39 pm - We can't stop here! It's meme country!
Well I have no idea how much interest there is, but I made some requests so here it is:

The first TEN people to comment get to request that I write a drabble (OR DODDLE) of any pairing/character of their choosing. Feel free to add prompt words/phrases/video if you like, just remember it's only 100 words (or a doodle). In return, they have to post this meme in their own journal, offering drabbles or doodles, regardless of their ability level, and give it a go.

Plz note I'm only much familiar with Watchmen, girl genius, maybe some xmen... not a lot of manga...

EDIT: made this public in case a few other watchmen folks wander in here :D

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
4:41 am - LAME
Adopt one today!, Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Also, stolen the Best Thing Ever from trashcan_goat

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008
2:19 pm - Early voting!
We early voted ^-^ ... Actually stood in line 2 hrs @-@, but we went in on a Sunday at 11am (doors closed at noon). IDK I think the place might be insane election day... everyone out there in the US who wants to vote (and I hope you do!) might want to consider doing so early.
We did meet some very cool people hanging out in line, who may end up joining us at Kung Fu! :D

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
12:58 am - This... is a slice of awesome!

Read this comic! I'm not done with it yet myself, but I LOVES IT!

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Hello happy happy USA people! I has a question; ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE?
I just sent in my re-reg yesterday (never sure how a change of address will screw with things)
Most registration deadlines are coming up soon, as soon as Monday here!

So, if you care about the presidential election, REGISTER NAO IF YOU HAVEN'T!

If you don't care, that's okay. I kind of hate those vote places that say people should vote even if they don't know WTF is going on. Plz only vote if you have an opinion and a little sumpthin sumpthin to back it up. BUT I do think it's something of a duty to at least pay cursory attention to politics and find a candidate you think fits you well, if only for the presidential election (ideally we'd be involved in congress/state/local politics too but I admit I'm not great at that either; much harder to research).

But maybe you have an opinion, and don't like the two major candidates? VOTE ANYWAY! VOTE 3RD PARTY!!!!
Voting third party DOES count. Even if your candidate doesn't get elected it sends a message loud and clear "YOU COULD HAVE HAD THIS VOTER IF YOU WERE MORE AWESOME". And, of course, how will we ever get out of this 2 party rut if no one votes 3rd party??? OH GOD YES VOTE 3RD PARTY!!!

So yeah, if you care, and I hope you do, make sure you're registered! And vote Nov 4th! Or vote early! (I think that's what I'm gonna do)
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
2:27 pm - potter potter potter potter....
Ha ha! Well, I didn't get The Book Friday at midnight, although I did swing by to check out the... madness.
It was pretty calm and comfy for Madness. Lots of people in mild cosplay (ie, a cloak or a hat), a few in full cosplay, talking and milling about and sometimes waiting in line. Though congenial, it was more crowded than I preferred, plus the wait looked to be long, so I didn't stay and instead retrieved The Book on Saturday.



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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
10:34 pm - AC roomies...
So... AC possie...
Er, anyone happen to see what happened to An American Werewolf in Texas? D:

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Friday, June 15th, 2007
4:31 pm - Things that aren't true
Uhhh, I don't remember where I was told this -- my panel at SPACE? my trip to the Ukraine, where social issues were talked of muchly? -- but someone stated that the gender ratio in the united states was 60% women to 40% men. I questioned this, saying that I heard this was the current gender ratio of college, but as I recall she (it was definitely a woman) was adamant that this was the population ratio.

It is, quite simply, not true.

I tell you this as a public service in case someone spreads this bit of misinformation. There are *slightly* more women than men in the US; according to the census bureau, as of 2000 there were 6 million more women than men: women are 51% of the population :P Furthermore, that's pretty much because women tend to live longer; there are twice as many women over the age of 85 as men. Under twenty, there are slightly more boys than girls (105 boys for every 100 girls).

I think it was misunderstanding the college statistic rather than any kind of agenda.

Furthermore, while I'm doing PSAs, PETA sucks. Ya? Ya. And for you california-dwellers, you might want to know about the "Healthy Pet Act" AB 1634, which reminded me of my PETA-ire. This is to require that all cats and dogs over 4 months of age be fixed, unless the owner gets an "intact permit" (and pays a fee) available only to licensed breeders, or to people with animals of a "valid breed" and has or will compete, or is a registered service/police dog. Sure, it doesn't sound that bad, but I found this article fairly pursuasive that mandatory spay/neuter programs don't work (I do have to do more digging on this topic!). Why let government take away your choices? When has outlawing something stopped it? I'd prefer free spay/neuter clinics, higher licencing fees for unfixed animals, and mandatory spay/neuter of impounded and shelter animals. But really, I'm not in california, and any cats or dogs I ever have will probably be fixed, so it's not *that big a deal* to me. It still strikes me as the usual "making it illegal will stop the problem!" speel that so often doesn't work. This is the opposition website (the initially-linked bill is on the support website) thornwolf made this post pointing it out, and providing many useful links reminding me of my PETA ire.

(EDITED the last paragraph a bit: the caught an undue amount of my PETA rage, and, well, I was also biased 'cuz I first heard about it from someone who seems savvy, in other matters at least!)

PETA... PETA... People Eating Tastey Animals -oops, heh!- Pet Extermination Team and Associates -no no, accurate though- People for the "Ethical" Treatment of Animals. Alas, "Animal Rights" today seems to actually mean "exterminate pets".
See here for an article telling the truth about "animal rights" groups, as well as naming organizations that fund them. Did you know that, while PETA funds spay/neuter programs (good), in the "shelters" they run over 90% of their animals are euthanized as of 2005? It's hard to get statistics on this, but according to American Humane the average for responding agencies was 64% in 1997. PETAs lowest percentage was 72, and the average since 1998 (when they were first required to keep statistics) was 80. Moreover, you can read this court case where PETA members were picking up cats and dogs at an animal hospital to supposedly try and adopt them out at a different place, but actually just immediately euthanizing them in the van and dumping the bodies in dumpsters!
including a cat and two kittens that they implied would find homesCollapse )

Uhhhg, worst of all is that PETA and it's ilk gets their money by bilking people into believing they're supporting animal welfare. I hate them so much. I think they're going to get killed-in-effegy in ANTHEM. Maybe I can start an internet fad; "blacklist" page, like an inverse "links" page. A page of things that are horrible and people might not know are horrible. Mine would go something like: secret crushes, speculating on creators based on their fiction, and PETA.

... I'll try to make the next post not a rage-fest! Really!

current mood: aggravated

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Thursday, May 10th, 2007
5:01 pm - Shmorky vs Todd resolution (xposted a bit)
Howdy. Since I don't really watch SA I hadn't seen that Shmorky had reached a resolution with Todd Goldman for, er, "mistakenly" copying Purple Pussy. Mike Tyndall's site still chronicals most of the material, although I'm a bit sad the initial SA thread got deleted.

Anyway, with a bit of googling and digging through comments, I found that as of May 7th the situation has apparently been resolved to Shmorky's satisfaction :)

Basically, Shmorky got "the full proceeds from the sale of the two paintings" and Todd Goldman got "a perpetual non-exclusive license for the image and its caption" (meaning that the sale of the two paintings is considered legit) and Todd is not to use the image ever again in any of his commercial enterprises.

For the moment, googling galleries that formerly carried Todd's work still have this or something similar up on their sites "Todd Goldman
Fine Art Lithographs
Due to the recent postings regarding Todd Goldman's artwork, we are not showing his art until we have resolution from the distributor.
If you have any concerns, please do not email us. Instead, contact S2 directly"


So, certainly a happy ending for Shmorky at least, although probably not worth the hassle it involved XP Maybe TODD will think twice about stealing designs... or maybe just cover his tracks better :/

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Saturday, May 5th, 2007
5:31 pm - Ia! Ia! Dreamhost nalg' fhtagn!!
:( :( :(
All my php pages on all my domain names seem to be inaccessable! Dreamhost did some maintanence yesterday, but it all ought to have been fixed in a jiff. DX I sent in a trouble ticket, but I am exceedingly displeased that my website has been down a day+ now, and who knows how much longer! Aaaag! I know it's not, like *that important*, as in, I'm not making money off it or even updating that often.


I do get at least one hit a day (actually, a lot more than that) and so I am very cross.

Very cross indeed. D:<

EDIT: Yay, fixed as of 6:40pm!
... I'm a bit unclear as to whether my support ticket got them to fix something specific, or if it was generally something they knew about and were working on. There was a post on the main site about the work being done, but when I read it it sounded like the work had already have been done yesterday and everything should have been fine.
Anyway, fixed!

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Friday, April 13th, 2007
9:35 pm
Imaybe I'll see Grindhouse Sunday. That will be good :)

What d'ya think? A match made in heaven (?) or what?!

Mreh, I wish I could get a good big picture of her in the straight-on position, but so far I've only found a side shot. :P

Hey look a very pregnant snake!

She shed today. Expectin eggs within the next few days :)

current mood: fugging tired

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
12:57 pm - Todd (Goliath) Goldman steals webcomics! (x posted a bit)

Uhg, few things piss me off like a corporate bastard who thinks he can freely take our hippie indie luvin and turn it into cash for himself... to add insult to injury, he pretends he's "Doesn't read comics, I'm just so creative!"

A bit of industry gossip I hadn't seen posted here; you may already have heard of it, but I thought it was reasonable to spread it around a bit more!

Have you ever heard of Todd Goldman? Has these intriguing-yet-noxious "gold digger" exhibits in trendy galleries. Also has a largish "David and Goliath" company that makes loads of T shirts and other apparell. Probably best known for a cartoon with "Boys are stupid! Throw rocks at them!"

And now, best known for plagarism! Sure it was obvious he had Lenore knockoffs called "Eve L" before, and that was annoying but at least he could be bothered to mix things up a bit. But now check this out:He's directly copied Dave Kelly's Purple Pussy strip!

And another, closer to the original (Todd makes multiple copies of his paintings)

Yes, he seems to have traced the panel, added color, and put it up in a gallery to sell for over a thousand dollars.

Not only that, but when called on it (ie, swamped by emails from belligerant fans) Todd put this email on autoreply:

Thanks for the inquiryŠ

Here's my inspiration! Every month I paint the works of a pedophile. This week, I chose the work of Dave Kelly, he's a huge infantilist furry. This is someone who draws baby anthropomorphic animals either wetting themselves or jacking off. I'm not kidding. Once again, his name is Dave Kelly and this is his FTP full of his lovely art, there are even some photos of the artist himself, handsome fellow isn¹t he?

Next month, please look for my special pedophile/serial killer series when I recreate the works of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Once again thanks for your support and please help me with my cause by spreading the word and showing the world just how creative pedophiles can be.

Do it for the kids.


(for those who are curious, according to Shmorky he did once draw furry stuff for money until he got completely sick of it. Of course, this has nothing to do with TODD PLAGARIZING HIS COMIC!) And Shmorky says whoever's photos are on the site, it ain't him.

So yeah, Todd Goldman. Treats the internet and indie arts as his personal mix and match clip factory, the better to reap millions of dollars without being even so polite as to point to the originators. In fact, this is how he describes himself:
"Goldman attributes his inspiration to his wittiness and weird sense of humor.

"I'm just wacked out of my mind. Things just come to me really quickly. I have complete ADD so I've never finished a book before. I haven't really watched cartoons or read comic books. It's just my witty sense of humor and my love to draw," Goldman said. "

Riiiiight, as someone on the forums put it "he doesn't read comics, just steals them!"

The story is still unfolding! here is Shmorky's thread (boy is it huge, but it sure is entertaining!)
Here Roman Dirge, creator of Lenore (knocked off by Eve L) speaks up
Other webcomicers have thrown in their bit. Personally I'm lax on my intellectual property, I put it out there for people to enjoy, unless someone starts making tons of money off it. That's the worst, but Todd won't even attempt to credit his sources, instead he tries to smear them when called on it!
So, just thought you should know. Shmorky's on the case, though if you know a Goldman gallery near you... maybe think of sticking up a few fliers at the show ^-^ (I know, this guy thrives on attention so best not to give him an undue ammount, but if you can think of anything to hurt his sales, share!)

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
12:42 pm - Ehrh?!
Okay, so normally I might be annoyed at suddenly noticing LJ's main page has adds on it, but the add in question is for the movie "Blood and chocolate"! Not a bad werewolf book... didn't exactly make it onto a favorite list, but that's more because of personal preferences with werewolves than because of any huge flaw in the story. From the makers of Underworld... hmm... well I hope the werewolves aren't bald.

I also hope there are no enzymes. (okay, well, maybe I do...)

duke_otterland's journal has been suspended? What up with that? Dunno who knew him; kinda random aquaintence, but he seemed innocuous.

Wolfpark. Wolfpark! Was pretty neat, and full of the mild-social-awkwardness that comes from any gathering of furries ^-^ And there were many furries; not just the ones from here but others from Indianna coming in for the event. Pretty neat. I like wolves.

And the guy I rode down with was cool! Splinterpaw. He has ties with the local Native American community and I asked him about The Chief controversy. According to him, most of the local native americans (who I will now refer to as LNA) find the Chief kind of annoying (himself included) as while the Chief doesn't exactly portray bad steriotypes, he's nothing like the plains indians either. That, and the university is kind of dildos to native americans. Not, like, BAD, but kind of annoying. The example I heard was some LNAs tried to hold a pow-wow, and the university agreed and said they could hold it on university land, then started piling on all these weird restrictions. Like saying they needed to have card-carrying tribal members (for some tribes, it's pretty difficult to get a card), and when they found some, the university kept taking it more and more out of the hands of the organizers until they just called it off. So, I do think it's pretty lame for a university to have a native american as it's mascot and then not have a strong native american studies/support program :P "but schools with vikings as their mascots don't need to have stong viking studies programs!" yeah, well, I don't think that's a bad idea either, but also vikings weren't raped by the US government :P

And finally, Lucy has an eye infection. :( Noticed her squinting a bit, and it didn't clear up in a few days so we took her to the vet last night. I have never seen a cat scream bloody murder at getting it's temperature taken, but apparently Lucy strenuously objects to the proceedure. Hera was never exactly cooperative with vets, but she wasn't especially upset at them taking her temperature, and Boomer purrs and looks confused when thet do it. (as funny as it would be if he actually liked it, it's more that Boomer inherently trusts people when he's scared and when he's getting his temperature taken he's in a scary new place with a person paying lots of attention to him, which he thinks is a good thing, though he's not sure what to think of what else is going on...)
Anyway, Lucy at least doesn't hold a grudge, which is a very good thing as we have to rub gunk in her eye 4x a day. She's still overwhelmingly cute, though.

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Saturday, January 20th, 2007
2:22 am - Hail to the Chief (or, "In the Middle of the Night")
I got home at 7pm. Should have done all kinds of things, instead crashed at 8pm. Derrick comes home at 11pm, finally notices that *I'm* home at 1am (I thought I'd wake up when he came home, but I was really crashed!).
But now that Derrick woke me up (very briefly), I'm awake. 5 hours of sleep... too little to run me through yet another day, considering I've been sleep-deprived all week, too much to sleep soon. No one's on IM, and all my art stuff is where Derrick slumbereth. So, time to poke the cats and mumble at LJ.

Bleh. Seriously, bleh. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign has a mascot. That mascot is "Chief Illiniwek". When I first got here, used to the neutered-PC world of Pomona and such, I was pretty surprised to see an ethnic mascot. But I thought it was cool! I haven't seen any games or what not, but from the photos he doesn't seem to be terribly satyrized (he is wearing the typical headdress, which has been modded to be bright orange and blue feathers, but most of the regalia is actually pretty authentic, if rather from the wrong tribe, and the photos don't have him, like, tommahawking someone or something equally stupid)

Anyway, just seeing it made me kind of pleased. It actually made me stop and think about the history of America, about the fact that just a few centuries ago this was native american land, etc etc. It reminded me of the nations roots, that illinois is fricking named after Illiniwek, the local native americans' name for themselves meaning "the best people". I was glad to see they weren't forgotten, even if it's just a mascot doing the reminding.

... then, of course, I learned there was A Controversy. The local minority activists (what else to call them? There seems to be a lot of crosstalk on minority issues here, not everyone sticking to their own ethnicity, which ordinarily I'd say was a Good Thing but sometimes there's... too much of a good thing. Or something) keep calling for the removal of The Chief, saying he's a degrading symbol and not treated with honor. The native american group is even calling for the return of some ceremonial regalia "given" to the university (for $3,500) when I was born by Frank Fools Crow and hand-crafted by him. Is it just me, or is it *terribly tactless* to demand a return of a gift they didn't even give?! I don't suppose they're going to give the university $3,500 for it either. Yes, I realize they're his descendants, and it's even possible there was some other understanding between all the original parties that I don't know, but it sounds terribly strange to me.

I might be more inclined to give them the benifit of the doubt and believe the Chief is degrading, except they don't cite what's so disrespctful about his portrayl; just generally that having him is degrading. Maybe that he's barefoot? Because he's in Oglala clothing, who are not from Illinois? But they're demanding his removal as an icon, not changes to his costume or performance.

I don't know, I realize it's native americans making these demands, and that I am not native american, and thus I ought to respect their feelings in this. But everyone can make misakes. It sounded like Frank Fools Crow and other Sioux leaders liked the mascot well enough in 1982. Maybe they were the ones who made the mistake, but again, the demands of the current group strike me as strange.

And it just makes me terribly sad. Here we have a native american icon, one that appears all over this community, something that I find a constant reminder that this land was originally Native American, and they want to take it down. It's entirely possible there's a lot more merit to the idea that I can see; as stated I'm only a casual bystander in all this. I'm not native american, I haven't been at the university long, I haven't even been to a game and seen the show. But if it were cauccasians advocating for this change, I'd think they were trying to erase Native Americans from the public consciousness. Trying to make us all forget what happened, forget there's these other cultures right in the middle of our own. Why do they find the Chief degrading? Do they want to be relegated to high school history and the ocassional documentary? Is it so bad to have a native american leader icon as a symbol? If not, why not call for appropriate changes to be made, instead of eleminating it entirely? Why can't we be like the Florida State Seminoles?

some dialogue on Chief Illiniwek I just googled

... I've probably talked about this enough, but a few further salient points. We have the green bay packers, dallas cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, etc. No one objects to Vikings, do they? (now, washington redskins is another story, "redskin" is easily considered derrogatory! Even if native americans once referred to themselves as such. Another example, african americans are free to call themselves the n-word [ha, I can't say it!] but it would be no good for me to go around calling african americans that, because I am not african american) Furthermore, let's take it to my touchy bits. I've been interested in feminism and the media, sometimes I'm even a bit crotchety about it all. Do I go and demand sports games stop objectifying women by parading them around in skimpy clothing and having them participate in degrading displays? No! I like cheerleaders well enough, sorta, or at least I won't tell people they can't have their fun.

... but I might send out a manifesto demanding the male cheerleaders wear equally skimpy outfits at some point ^-^

*tempting to jump on this bandwagon with a parody feminist agenda, but people might take it seriously*

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Monday, January 1st, 2007
12:08 am - Jagermonster
1 pt Jagermeister, 1 pt Monster energy drink.

Derrick "OH MY GOD THAT'S FOUL! I think that's the worst think I've drunk in my life! It's like extra alcoholic cough syrup nast! It's the kind of thing you tell small children they have to drink or they'll die!"

In other words, perfect. :)

Nearly didn't find the Jagermeister, but there was an out-of-place bottle sitting -- but where? -- by the Monster energy drinks!
Saw a big-ass possum in front of our apartment coming home from Lab today. I these are great omens; gonna be an awesome New Year.

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006
8:03 pm - Dracula
You are a clever man, friend John; you reason well, and your wit is bold; but you are too prejudiced. You do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear, and that which is outside your daily life is not of account to you. Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand, and yet which are...?

Ah, it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain.

-- Van Helsing

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
10:23 am - bad add
As seen on Amazon:
cut because it"s an annoying addCollapse )


admittedly, the thing that got me to pay attention to it was the baby photo. I don't know exactly why, but it bothers me. I like babies as much as I like any other person (that is to say, depends completely on the subject in question) but I tend to dislike using AWW BABIES as a visual advertising ploy as much as I dislike using WOW BOOBIES as one :P
That and, well... I don't think the kid is UGLY but that particular shot juswt looks... lame.

Okay, but whatever. Can you see the part that made me grab it and repost it?
"Priceless stamps. Now just $17.99"

Gosh, sure looks like they have a price to me.

Almost as bad when people say "literally" when they mean "figuratively, with emphasis" (ie, I kid you not, there was a woman on the radio who kept going on about how "this guy was literally being raked over hot coals!" [talking about how someone was being interrogated by some press or something]. She kept saying "literally!!" Aggggggg!)

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Sunday, December 10th, 2006
12:57 pm - spam
What Kind of Comic are You?


You are WEBCOMICS. You are young at heart and almost endless creative. You have all the benefits of youth: persistence, originality, stamina, and the firm belief that nothing you do is ever wrong. That said, you're also a bit skitzo, you can't seem to settle down on who you should be. Give yourself some time to be crazy before you settle down. But you should probably settle down eventually.
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

Hahahaha... cool. Perhaps even right. Nah, I wanna stay crazy and never settle down ;)

Found a really fantastic new comic, Lackadaisy. So fantastic it makes me a bit jealous, in that dispairing "I'm not sure I could ever do that, wow" sort of way ;) But yes, cats, prohibition bootlegging, zoot suits, etc. AWESOME! (and it wasn't exactly brand new; I'd seen the art on yerf some time ago and couldn't get it out of my head, it's so slick!)

Umm, not much else going on right now. Just the usual. End of the semester is almost upon us, so I'll have more time to work on comics :) Can't wait to do the next storyline! I've got the cover sketched out... also trying to make a promo poster for the comic shop (at the proprieter's suggestion) but getting a bit stuck. I know how I want it to look, but pulling it off's a bit tricksey.

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
1:45 pm - Show of hands
Who likes Deathklock? XD Metalocalypse!!

Just got indroduced to it. SKOR! Man... cartoon network would be the one reason to ever get tv/cable again. Then again, I can watch it all online/buy the DVDs :D (yea, I do want to give them monies somehow...)

I really wouldnt' have thought a show like this could ever make it mainstream. But it has, it has. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS! I'm not half the freak some people claim XD A significant number of people like this horror comedy stuff. Ha. HAHAHAHA!

Cartoon network rocks.

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Saturday, September 16th, 2006
7:30 pm - BUCKET!!!!
Oh... oh my goodness gracious! What a cornucopia I have stumbled upon!!

I shall outline a bit more about Buckethead's performance. He was playing with That One Guy, and would sometimes do the Michale Myers patomime as if he were creeped out or overwhelmed by his playing. Buckethead had a bucket full of little children's toys he passed out to the crowd. Buckethead had a rubber chicken he would tantalize us with, holding it just out of reach as everyone tried to touch it as if it were the most beautiful thing ever. Buckethead did The Robot and twirled nunchucks a bit. Apparently it is also customary for fans to bring action figures and try to give them to Buckethead. I wondered why that guy next to me was holding one; now I know.

I visited Bucketheadland. Seriously. I'm such a fan now.

Some gems:
Most theme parks have maps. Not Bucketheadland. Here people like to get lost and not find their way out. Sometimes you pay for a day and get to stay a whole month! When you come stumbling out, dirty and disoriented, you won't quite realize what a great deal you just got.

Hungry folks at Bucketheadland are lucky indeed, because we serve the most delicious and creepy confections this side of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

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